Great Slave Lake Safaris Inc.

You’re in for an unforgettable experience on this fishing safari over Great Slave Lake, an icon of the Northwest Territories.

Owners Jocelyn Démétré and Cynthia Clark fell in love in 2011, under the midnight sun and the northern lights. When he retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, Jocelyn became a professional guide on the ninth-largest lake in the world, and the deepest in North America. Great Slave Lake Safaris Inc. will make you discover the poetry of northern landscapes in wintertime, fish-bearing waters just a stone’s throw from Yellowknife, and islands kept safe from predators, where fishers can sleep under the stars after enjoying 18 hours of summer sun…

“This is Yellowknife!” says Jocelyn on his website. “Come and join me, I will guide you personally aboard my boat geared for your dream fishing. Trolling or light casting, you will not disembark without your personal lot of releases. Tread the grounds of the gold rush and join me to draft a page in your life history roaming the realm of the never-setting sun.”

Kam Lake Road 120
Yellowknife X0E 0Y0 NT CA
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  • Blue – Service in French at all times