Activities and Experiences

Some say that travel leads you to discover how others live. It can also be a personal mission to discover oneself.Have you ever travelled in a voyageur canoe, experienced a fishing safari or taken a rafting excursion? Have you ever relaxed in a thermal spa? French-speaking communities in Canada invite us to enjoy stimulating and rewarding vacations through their paths to adventure, their museums and historic sites. Let’s discover them here!


Arts and Culture

Art and culture take us on a trip! They enable us to see our destination through a new lens. Art galleries and cultural centres everywhere are displays of talent and originality. Festivals immerse us in local life. Guides describe the fabulous history of their town/city or their borough. Let us discover here the range of arts and culture events Canadian Francophonie has to offer.


Culinary Experiences

You can travel with your eyes and also with your tastebuds! Even though we enjoy our comforting dishes, we gladly savour local flavours when travelling. Who would venture out to the coast and not sample fish and seafood? Farms, cheese factories and breweries graciously offer us opportunities to sample local products. So, let’s hit the road! Let’s discover the “route gourmande” along with the very diverse French-speaking communities and the aromas of their culinary creations.


Where to Stay

Before leaving on vacation, you carefully select where you will be staying. After all, you don’t live the same way in a hotel as you would at a bed and breakfast, for example. How about staying all alone on an island? Or at a resort, ranch or in the great outdoors? Maybe you would prefer a five-star hotel, tent, an inn or a road house? On the road we go, let’s discover Canadian Francophonie known for their warm hospitality.


Portrait of communities

Every village has its own charm, its festivals, history and historic sites.

Are you familiar with the Brayons? The Port-au-Port community? The adventurers of the Great North?

These communities together make up the essence of Canadian Francophonie. Follow this link to discover all of the colours of Canadian Francophonie.