Aylmer Lake Lodge

Close your eyes. Take a slow and relaxing breath. Then envision a place with majestic tundra and shimmering water as far as the eye can see. A complete lack of man-made noise. A muskox lumbering by or a gray wolf, standing nose to the wind. Now open your eyes and you’ll know you’re in your “happy place”…

To reach our lodge you must fly on a floatplane for 2 hours. There are no roads, our nearest neighbor is 100 miles away. We offer Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling fishing on the Barren lands in the NWT. We offer photography opportunities and tours for flora and fauna. We offer wildlife viewing as opportunities present of Cariboo, Muskox, Arctic Wolves, Arctic Foxes, Arctic Hares, Eagles both Bald and Golden, Loons, Peregrin Falcons and many more birds. From Mid August there are opportunities for Aurora Borealis viewing at night. We are the only lodge located on 1700 sq Km of water to fish and explore. Our maximum capacity is 24 guests.

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  • Green – Services in French upon request