Nova Scotia’s Historic Acadian Village

From June 5 to September 29, visitors to the Historic Acadian Village of Nova Scotia can discover the heart, life, and culture of Acadians in the early 1900s on a beautiful 17-acre site that overlooks Pubnico Harbour.Nova Scotia

Pubnico is the oldest Acadian colony, and its inhabitants are direct descendants of the original settlers. The Village is the ideal location to learn more about the greatest source of pride for Acadians: surviving the Deportation of 1755 and continuing to thrive to this day. In short, the Village provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the thriving Acadian culture, explore breathtaking seaside views, and taste delicious local cuisine before heading home with a local souvenir purchased from our gift shop.

A program to enjoy and remember! The site is part of a group of 28 museums spread throughout the province whose mission is to proudly exhibit the roots of the people of Nova Scotia and the natural and social resources that have contributed to their growth and emancipation.

Old Church Road 91
Lower West Pubnico B0W 2C0 NS CA
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